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Let’s Go, Pocoyo

Watch Let’s Go, Pocoyo full movies online cartoons.
Synopsis: Pocoyo is a curious toddler dressed all in blue, from his blue cap to his blue jumpsuit. He’s full of fun and perhaps a touch of good-natured mischief. His friends include Pato, the yellow duck; Elly, the pink elephant with a blue backpack; Loula, his faithful dog; Sleepy Bird, the droopy-eyed blue-green bird always asleep in her nest; and many others. The Narrator greets little Pocoyo every day and gently suggests an answer to anything that puzzles him. But just as often, the Narrator himself learns something valuable. Pocoyo’s computer-animated world is full of simple shapes, bright colors and cheerful music.
Creators: David Cantolla, Luis Gallego, Guillermo Garcia
Stars: Stephen Fry, Alex Marty, Montana Smedley
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